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Texts about the Art of Evelyn Garden

Christiane Meixner

"Fluss aus Farbe", Tagesspiegel 19.6.21. Download as pdf-file.

Michaela Nolte

"Colour - and other streams" - from a book of poems with the same name, Berlin 2012

"Secret Garden" - from the catalogue "No Shores", Berlin 2006

"The material from which images are made" - catalogue of "love, death + flowers", Berlin 2001

Dr. Margret Schütte

Speech at the SUMMER PASSAGE exhibition, Doris-Rüstig-Ladewig-Stiftg., Schleswig 2009

"The Sea" - text catalogue "No Shores", Berlin 2006

Dr. Ian Chisholm

Conversations with Evelyn in the Ligurian studio (english). Download as doc-file.

own texts

COLOUR - OTHER & STREAMS, poems • fragments (english), Berlin 2012

Selected texts and poems from 2006, cataloque "No Shores", 2006

INTERIMS, poems • fragments, Berlin 1998