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Chisholm: If I think of vulcanos in connection with the title of some of your works "Bis an die Stille - Aufzeichnungen aus dem Vulkan" (Up to the stillness – notes from the volcano) they don’t have much to do with silence

Garden: I think there is also a parallel to the artistic process: The stillness as a vibration in the phases of passiveness does fascinate me. Again it is the polarities, the opposition to the inner coherence that is essential.

Chisholm: Could one say that you live or try to live both sides, in your art?

Garden: Exactly, I try to oscillate: to integrate both sides, stillness/movement, reduction/fullness, abstraction/concrete, consciousness/unconsciousness in my work.

Chisholm: Does chance play an important role in your art?

Garden: Chance in the sense that I never make sketches, I leave it up to the process to guide me, I don’t fix myself beforehand. I also use techniques that leave a space for chance, like pouring, spraying. In addition sometimes unintended slips happen that remove the smoothness and the perfection. The following sentence is from Meret Oppenheim: “Change delights, metamorphosis hurts, perfection bores” which is a wonderful observation.

Chisholm: We have already touched on the connection to the biographical. Can you describe more concretely which influence art has and had in your life?