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Garden: All the different tones of music create an energetic and emotional connection even if some of the frequencies are missing. This is different with speech where each sound is important and this is where I have problems, particularly when there are other noises around. I miss the relaxed ability I had earlier to connect, for instance at exhibitions. Nowadays I need my full concentration to follow the conversations which are so important to me. But still I lose a lot of what is said and this makes me repeatedly sad.

In regard to my painting, a friend of mine has gone as far as to say: "Since you’ve had your second sudden loss of hearing you paint much better."

This is problematic for me. I cannot comment on it and find the price very high.

In his memoires and in relation to illness and art, Tàpies as a young man felt that his serious lung infection was a kind of test and symbolic sacrificial offering to reach a higher level of consciousness, which is the way it is considered necessary by the Shamans. This kind of meaning I could accept for myself. The essentials, loneliness and threat to the individual, therefore the question of the meaning of life, are recurrent themes in my work.


Part 3: Biographical subjects

Chisholm: A lot of your paintings are full of movement and they are emotional paintings. I could imagine that they represent feelings.