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Garden: This is the enigma, the mystery, which cannot be understood by rational thought or will. Everybody has to find his own way. Meditation helps when one can master the self-control. I don’t have any experience with drugs. With alcohol there is an old saying “it raises desire but makes fulfillment more difficult to achieve” which shouldn’t be related solely to sex as it also affects the creative process: Initially one feels inspired but this rapidly declines. So, I need to find other ways to achieve this state of mind, for instance with trivial activities like washing out brushes, tidying up, taking the dog for a walk – anything that leads to switching off, to a change of gears. Music plays an important role.

Chisholm: Which kind of music do you prefer?

Garden: Music that connects me to the subject. After my trip to Morocco I listened to Spanish and Arabic inspired music which initially sounds monotonous and has a kind of ritual nature to it. I listen to the same tape several times in short successive bursts and I think I don’t consciously hear it anymore, however it is there and switches off other things.

Chisholm: You have just spoken of hearing and I know you don’t hear very well. It is interesting that you can still use music to find space. Which role does your deafness play in your Art?


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