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Garden: These repeated signs are metaphors, they are a connection between the inside and the outside, of the now and the then. It is similar to writing - the written word serves as a stepping stone and an entry-point and sometimes it gets drawn in, into the process.

Chisholm: "One often sees in your work small, almost hidden images of chairs or other antique furniture - what is your association to these?"

Garden: For me a comfortable chair is a symbol of the search for a place in life where one feels well, where one can relax. Artists are often searching for the ideal spot where creativity can flow more easily, where things seem untroubled. Antiques are a part of my childhood because my parents dealt with them. Still today I enjoy going to flea markets and looking for would-be treasures with the charm of past times.

Chisholm: Do you have a certain rhythm in your work?

Garden: In the wider context I have extremely intensive phases during which I can be very productive and I feel that time is running out – these are wonderful moments of being “in the flow”. Thereafter come times of low tide: when I feel worn out and have to wait until something new develops again.

Chisholm: Many artists experience these phases as a crisis. Is it possible that artists need such crisis? Is this an important part of your work?