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This way of seeing and experiencing things has also affected the structure of my work: instead of expansive movements and gestures now I work increasingly on a horizontal plane. I only had four tubes of colour in Asia and worked in Luang Prabang primarily on small formats. Back in Liguria I continued the "Mekong" cycle also in larger formats and on canvases.

Chisholm: After your trip to Morocco you said: ' travel with less baggage '.

Garden: I believe this is so in many aspects: One has to select, to discard unnecessary baggage to be able to get to the core of things. Reduction on the outside can lead to internal richness and ultimately to the essential.

Chisholm: How does this reduction reflect itself in your work?

Garden: After creating large pictures with a lot of energy and movement I search for peace and delicacy in my expression. My use of colour and form is reduced. I prefer then to use paper rather than to canvas. Nevertheless, I still get excited by layers and breaks in structure, by the compact and the constructed. Both exist side by side.


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